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How to Stop Water Seepage from a Leaky Roof

Posted on - 04 May 2022 Waterproofing Specialists by GAUSHAN CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING

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Most of the roofs progressively getting damaged due to exposure by nature to the sunlight, heavy rains, improper maintenance of structure may causes roof leaks. Unfortunately, roof leakage leads to water damage and mould growth if the leaks were not fixed in time with a roofing contractor or waterproofing specialists in Singapore.

Luckily, for roof leak repairing problems, homeowners themselves can prevent roof leak problems by following these tips:

**Preventing Interior Water Seepage **

For temporary solution (not joke) , can place a bucket under the roof leak to collect the water. If the water is splashing into the bucket and onto the floor, a piece of string can be pinned to the ceiling to let the water travel down the string into the bucket. Any items that might get damaged by water such as TV, Sofa, Beds, Kitchen and other valuables should be moved out of the water leaking area. Furniture that can’t be moved must be covered with protective sheets.

Water leaks may cause paint on the ceiling to bubble or blister. In this case, homeowners can use a small pin to puncture a hole in the paint to release the water in the area.

Repairing roof leaks often requires professional Roofing contractors or Waterproofing specialist on time. so it’s best to hire a certified contractor like us. It’s also important to repair roof leaks quickly to prevent water damage and mould growth. We GAUSHAN CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING PTE. LTD. team stands ready to provide professional roof restoration services to any property affected by fire, water or mould damage.