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How much does it cost to waterproof a roof in Singapore?

Posted on - 26 May 2024 Roof Repairing Singapore by GAUSHAN CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING

The roof waterproofing price varies significantly, with materials typically ranging from $20 to $50 per square meter.

That is why labour costs also vary and they move from $1000 to $3000 for the roofs of standard sizes. Larger jobs can also be more expensive because of difficult layout of the roof, or if some preparatory works are necessary.

In most of the market analysis reports we have seen that total cost of general and fundamental waterproofing packages contain total costs of materials as well as the labour charges. The above findings are echoed by homeowners who have recently sold their homes illustrating some of the experiences that are as follows.

The cost of roof waterproofing works in Singapore ?

Our specialised team's feedback helps provide a realistic ceiling and floor for expected expenses. Having a clear understanding of the factors affecting the  Thus, it is important to point out the approximate cost of roof waterproofing of Singapore building, the type of roofing material and its complication level. Hence, I was able to determine the organizational actions concerning waterproofing and decision-making within the scope of the related investment based on these elements.

The Factors that can Influence the Cost of the Roof Waterproofing in Singapore are as Follows : Therefore, the outline of the several elements which constitute the cost of roof waterproofing has to understood to be in a position to make effective decisions. Estimation of costs normally involves many qualifications and considerations which include charges for material and work by craftsmen.


However, this means that the type of the waterproofing material that is to be used forms part of the cost consideration that is total. Among these, the critical ones are the liquid membranes, the system of sheets and the cementitious uses. Each of them is characterized by the price and productivity of the work to be done, thus, it is possible to select the kind of material, which corresponds to the price on roofing and types of the roofing required.


Other simple determinants that affects the project cost seem to be the size and the roof design where the former is directly proportional to the latter. Large roof structures require more material cover and time to be waterproof; for complex structures more efforts are required to waterproof hence, the prices go up.

Estimating the roofing area at this stage is essential as it shall be used in arriving at the right prediction of the cost of the roofing project.

Wage charges regarding the implementation of labor costs and contractor costs

However, one needs to also consider the cost of labour in Singapore together with the contractors who might also have their fees in this case. The recruitment of qualified employees might be expensive in the beginning, but their output seems to be faster, and the equipment hardly develops faults.

The normal cost for the labor could vary from one contractor to another that makes it easier to compare and select roof waterproofing Singapore services.

Let's break down the typical cost components:

Now, let identify what is usually referred as main cost structure:

Cost Component Price Range
Liquid Membrane $5 - $10 per sq. ft.
Sheet Membrane $7 - $12 per sq. ft.
Cementitious Waterproofing $3 - $6 per sq. ft.
Labor Fees $25 - $45 per hour

By understanding these elements, we can select cost-effective roof waterproofing in Singapore that meets our needs while staying within budget.



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