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Metal roofing installation and maintenance works

Posted on - 30 May 2024 Roof Repairing Singapore by GAUSHAN CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING

However, in order to be sure that your metal roof will serve you very long, and probably meet all your required needs then you will have to make sure that it is well maintained. These are the solutions to your trouble at Our company in Singapore that you need. Here are the services in maintenance that we provide. These are basics, cleaning and ironing minor problems before they become big problems.

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Regular Roof Maintenance

They strictly examine your metal roof while searching for any problem that might be present. If it is detected that we have any, together with you we develop an individual plan for its treatment. This plan ensures that your roof remains to be in a very good state. This is where we polish it, adjust screws/ bolts where they r loose, or just dowse small areas that r damaged to prevent getting worse!

Protective Coatings and Restoration

Instead just cleaning and maintenance but also coatings as well as restoration of floors. These give your roof a better appeal and durability. The techniques applied on its material and the coatings used by our team, are the best in the market. It protects from sun damage, strengthens your roof and restores its attractive appearance. No matter if you need a new coat or a complete restoration of your roof, we are with you making your roof look new. By associating with us in Singapore, it is possible to guarantee that the roofing you have remains strong. With our services in metal roof maint enance and coating, your roof will be in its best condition. It is our objective to add more years and value to your metal roof.

Metal Roofing Materials and Options

Some of the roofing materials that Singapore has include; Our team in location provide for the following roofing material. The objectives defined herein are purposeful in ensuring the achievement of the client’s preference/requirement. It spans from the ordinary steel through the international copper to the strong zinc.


Roofs made of steels are among those more preferred in the housing estates and commercial buildings by the homeowners and the business people. They could be regarded as fairly strong with rather high abrasion and wear resisting characteristics and are not too sensitive to the effects of weathering . He states that it is preferred to many colours and that it gives a good finish in the hot and humid climate of Singapore.


Aluminum roof is light, yet does not succumb to rust. They are used for their efficiency on power conservation and equally in installation. They emit a modern and clean image that is ideal for improving the outlook of properties.


Copper roofs are appealing in the sense that they are classy / classic / traditional. They are very hard – wearing and are able to withstand the ravages of the weather. They are also a recommended choice especially for those seeking for a touch of exclusivity in Singapore.


There are few and best advantages of installing zinc roof and the reasons why you should go for it if you are a consumer with a taste of quality. Zinc is a durable material and once installed, it does not need a lot of maintenance as it has a longevity target of 150 years.

Zinc has a durability of atleast about 100 years when utilized in proper roofing; further, it can go up to several hundred years in applications pertaining to wall cladding systems. Copper roofing is what I propose Additionally, save for copper roofing, there are no other roofing material as durable as this one.

Zinc has fire resistance properties, provides resistance from insects and it acts as a fungistat, that is; it checks the growth of moulds, mildews and fungo.



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