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Simple DIY Roofing Repair Work

Posted on - 06 April 2022 Roof Repairing Singapore by GAUSHAN CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING

DIY Roof Repairing Singapore

Any Roof repairs and re-roofing works should let appropriate roof leak repairing professionals whenever possible. We Gaushan Roofing Contractors help ensure that the roof repairing job gets done correctly, and in timely manner.

Smaller DIY roof repair jobs, though, can usually be carried out by do-it-yourself homeowners without too much of a problem. Use some of these tips to make the job easier:

Wear rubber soled shoes to help get good traction when doing the diy roof repair.

Discard and replace any shingles that come completely loose or free from the roof.

Flatten out curling shingles and re-adhere their edges to the roof with some caulk or roofing adhesive.

Soften brittle curled shingles with a heat gun first to avoid breaking them. Make sure the back edge of the new shingles slide under the row of shingles behind them, and the front edges line up with the shingles on either side.

Fasten the top of each new shingle with 6d galvanized roofing nails, and cover the tops of each nail head with roof cement. Spread the same cement beneath the rest of the shingle to help hold it in place.

Fill the joints around your flashing with roof cement to make sure that they are properly sealed.

Apply extra roof cement with a putty knife to any seam that appears to be cracked or worn.


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